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Flight Software & Embedded Systems Framework

These tutorials will walk the user from a basic getting-started guide through designing a full system for use with F´. This will help new users to learn F´ and walk through the most basic steps in developing an F´ application.

Tutorials Index

  1. GettingStarted
  2. MathComponent
  3. GpsTutorial

Getting Started

A basic tutorial that will help the user start using F´, build and run a system, and learn the basic items in the system. This will include looking through existing portions of the Ref app in order to learn the tools and terminologies of an F´ project. This is the best place to start for learning terminology and tools.

Math Component

A tutorial to walk through the full development process of an F´ application. It does this by creating two components, one to request the results of a math operation, and the other to compute the result. This allows users to see F´ components communicate and run and F´ project without the need for embedded devices nor hardware. This tutorial runs entirely on a user’s *nix (Linux, Mac, BSD, Windows w/ WSL) machine. It uses the existing Ref application as a host for the components allowing a quick development. Users should first review the Getting Started Tutorial for understanding the tools.

Gps Tutorial

A tutorial covering the interaction with a real GPS receiver. This will cover how to design driver components, application components, and cross-compiling onto a Raspberry Pi. The purpose of this tutorial is to expand from F´ running on *nix machines into the world of embedded hardware. To get the most from this tutorial, the user should possess a Raspberry Pi, have access to a Linux machine or a Linux VM, and have a small UART/USB GPS receiver. The ones with a USB mode work best. Users should first review the Getting Started Tutorial for understanding the tools and would benefit from running through the Math Component Tutorial to build familiarity with F´.