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Flight Software & Embedded Systems Framework

F´ (or F Prime) is a software framework for the rapid development and deployment of embedded systems and spaceflight applications. Originally developed at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, F´ is open-source software that has been successfully deployed for several space applications. It has been used for but is not limited to, CubeSats, SmallSats, instruments, and deployable.

F´ has the following features:

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F´ Documentation

F´ Release
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v2.0.0 Documentation
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F´ System Requirements

To develop applications with F´, the following requirements of the user’s system must be met.

  1. Linux or Mac OS X operating system (or Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows)
  2. CMake available on the system path
  3. Bash or Bash compatible shell
  4. Clang or GCC compiler
  5. Python 3 and PIP

Quick Installation Guide

F´ can be quickly installed and ready to use by cloning the GitHub repository, installing Python code (typically in a virtual environment), and building one of our reference applications. For full installation instructions please see:

Clone and Install

git clone
pip install --upgrade fprime-tools fprime-gds

Build the Ref Application

cd Ref
fprime-util generate
fprime-util build

Run the Ref Application


Further References

Full information on the code and F´ is available on our GitHub page:

To start with, follow the installation guide. Then inspect either the reference application, raspberry pi reference, or the tutorials.