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Flight Software & Embedded Systems Framework

F´ (or F Prime) is a software framework for the rapid development and deployment of embedded systems and spaceflight applications. Originally developed at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, F´ is open-source software that has been successfully deployed for several space applications. It has been used for but is not limited to, CubeSats, SmallSats, instruments, and deployable.

F´ has the following features:

F´ Information and External Resources


F´ Documentation

F´ Release

F´ System Requirements

To develop applications with F´, the following requirements of the user’s system must be met.

  1. Linux or Mac OS X operating system (or Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows)
  2. CMake available on the system path
  3. Java 1.8 or newer, e.g. OpenJDK
  4. Bash or Bash compatible shell
  5. Clang or GCC compiler
  6. Python 3 and PIP

Quick Installation Guide

F´ can be quickly installed and ready to use by:

  1. Cloning the GitHub repository
  2. Installing Python code
  3. Building one of our reference applications.

For full installation instructions please see:

Clone and Install

git clone
pip install --upgrade fprime-tools fprime-gds

Build the Ref Application

cd Ref
fprime-util generate
fprime-util build

Run the Ref Application


Further References

Full information on the code and F´ is available on our GitHub page.

To start with, follow the installation guide. Then inspect either the reference application, raspberry pi reference, or the tutorials.