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Flight Software & Embedded Systems Framework

Porting Guide

Porting F′ to a new hardware platform is often required for using F´ on new missions and projects. Fortunately, F´ is designed to be mostly independent of hardware. There are four parts of F´ that need to be developed to run on a new platform:

  1. CMake Toolchain and F´ platform files. These files specify the location of compilers and other build tools for compiling F´ for a given platform.

  2. Fw::Types and configuration. A Fw::Types header may be needed along with appropriate configuration if the hardware needs settings that are different from the default.

  3. Hardware drivers. Any drivers that are outside the provided Linux Driver package would need to be developed for the hardware-specific interfaces to be supported.

  4. OSAL support. Should a non-Linux operating system be needed to run on the platform, OSAL support files must be developed. See: OS File Descriptions

Once these areas are implemented, the user should be able to run on a new system or platform.