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Flight Software & Embedded Systems Framework

User API Documentation

These links point to documentation needed by most users of the CMake system. The API link describes the module-level API for working with CMake. This is where users should look for the full descriptions of module-level functions. Options describe the runtime options that the CMake system takes. Users wanting to alter the build should look here.

  • API: Module API function documentation
  • Options: Runtime build options

An index of all available documentation is available at CMake API Index. This documentation is generated from the source code available here. Below is a description of some of the main API functionalities.

Toolchain and Platform Documentation

Toolchain files are used to cross-compile F´. In general, standard CMake toolchain files can be used to cross-compile, however; F´ includes several built-in toolchains and a template for writing your own toolchains for F´.

CMake Toolchain Documentation: CMake’s toolchain documentation
Toolchain Template: Toolchain file template documentation
raspberrypi: Raspberry PI cross-compile toolchain file

Platform files are used to set up F´ for use on specific hardware platforms. This allows users to define types and headers needed for F´ for any embedded system they desire.

Platform Template: Platform file template documentation
Linux: Linux platform support
Darwin: Darwin (macOS) platform support
rtems5: RTEMS 5 initial support

Target Documentation

These links document the custom targets integrated into the F´ build system. Targets can be generically integrated to support both module-level and global targets building toward the same F´ “target”. For example, the “dict” target may build local dictionary fragments and then roll them into a global dictionary.

Target: target subsystem documentation

All available targets are listed and described in the CMake API Index

CMake Support Code Documentation

These links describe the internal CMake function references. These should be consulted when improvements to the CMake are needed. Build system architects should consult this section.

FPrime-Code: F´ framework code inclusions
FPrime: F´ project support