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Deployment Information

Deploying ORCA

The following sections provide information on how to deploy ORCA with or along-side Cumulus.

Setup Deployment Environment

In order to deploy ORCA into an NGAP environment with Cumulus, a deployment environment needs be created.

Visit Creating a Deployment Environment to view the instructions for setting up your ORCA deployment environment.

ORCA Archive Bucket

ORCA maintains a cloud ready backup of science and ancillary data in an S3-IA bucket and utilizes AWS bucket transition policies to store the data in S3 archive for the long term. The ORCA archive bucket can live in any NGAP Organizational Unit (OU).

Visit Creating the Archive Bucket to view the instructions for setting up an archive bucket.


Prior to deploying ORCA with Cumulus, the ORCA archive bucket must be created.

Deploy ORCA with Cumulus

After the ORCA archive bucket has been created, ORCA is ready to be deployed. Visit ORCA deployment documentation for instructions to deploy ORCA with Cumulus.

Configuring ORCA

Once ORCA is deployed, configure the collection in the Cumulus Dashboard for utilizing ORCA. See ORCA Configuration for instructions.