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Version: v18.2.0

Setup Kinesis Stream & CNM Message


Keep in mind that you should only have to set this up once per ingest stream. Kinesis pricing is based on the shard value and not on amount of kinesis usage.

  1. Create a Kinesis Stream

    • In your AWS console, go to the Kinesis service and click Create Data Stream.
    • Assign a name to the stream.
    • Apply a shard value of 1.
    • Click on Create Kinesis Stream.
    • A status page with stream details display. Once the status is active then the stream is ready to use. Keep in mind to record the streamName and StreamARN for later use.

    Screenshot of AWS console page for creating a Kinesis stream

  2. Create a Rule

  3. Send a message

    • Send a message that makes your schema using python or by your command line.
    • The streamName and Collection must match the kinesisArn+collection defined in the rule that you have created in Step 2.