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Version: v18.2.0

Create Rule In Cumulus

Once the above files are in place and the entries created in CMR and Cumulus, we are ready to begin ingesting data. Depending on the type of ingestion (FTP/Kinesis, etc) the values below will change, but for the most part they are all similar. Rules tell Cumulus how to associate providers and collections, and when/how to start processing a workflow.


  1. Go To Rules Page
  • Go to the Cumulus dashboard, click on Rules in the navigation.
  • Click Add Rule.

Screenshot of Rules page

  1. Complete Form
  • Fill out the template form.

Screenshot of a Rules template for adding a new rule

For more details regarding the field definitions and required information go to Data Cookbooks.

state field conditional

If the state field is left blank, it defaults to false.


  • A rule form with completed required fields:

Screenshot of a completed rule form

  • A successfully added Rule:

Screenshot of created rule