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The Wilson Center’s Science and Technology Innovation Program serves as the bridge between technologists, policymakers, industry, and global stakeholders. We aim to demystify how science and technology works by providing evidence for smart decisions, a platform for productive dialogue, amplification of voices from the field, and democratic engagement in science and technology. In our portfolio of work on open science, we link academia and the public policy community with critical, on the ground activities, and understand and elevate the individuals, non-profits, community groups, and others working in this space. To build on the momentum of the Year of Open Science, the Science and Technology Innovation Program plans to: Look at the benefits and impact that come with broadening open science agendas to encompass both open processes and products Find areas of alignment with the benefits of open science and the missions of different federal programs Explore the opportunities and barriers for making open science the “way we do science” in government, and beyond. Through these initiatives, we hope that our work can contribute to the Year of Open Science by broadening understanding of open science’s scope, identifying some lesser-known assets of open science, and providing a clear path for policymakers looking to support open science initiatives.

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