TOPS Training Solicitation#

Transform to Open Science Training or “TOPST” is a Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Science (ROSES) solicitation. TOPST is solicitation F.14 and can be found here.

Resources for proposal development are available here.

TOPST element solicits proposals for:

1. The development of the ScienceCore, a discipline specific scientific use cases curriculum,

2. Implementation of Summer Schools to teach Open Science 101, and

3. Implementation of Virtual Cohorts to complete Open Science 101.

The training material as well as the design of the learning activities should be targeted to audiences from undergraduate students to established scientists and managers from all science disciplines supported by NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD). More information on the ScienceCore is available here and on Open Science 101 is available here.

TOPST FAQ is here.#

For general FAQs related to ROSES-2022 go HERE.

Additional Proposal Resources#

  • Navigate here for the NSPIRES landing page for this element

  • Look here for a curated list of guides, examples, and templates

  • Look here for information on the Dual Anonymous Peer Review process

  • Look here for information on the Open-Source Science Development Plan and Equal Access Plan

  • You can find collaborators by posting here

  • NASA’s definition of open science can be found here