Invest in Open Infrastructure (IOI)#

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Invest in Open Infrastructure (IOI) works to increase the investment in and adoption of open infrastructure to further equitable access to and participation in research.

We sit at the intersection of a number of stakeholder communities – including funding bodies, service providers, and the research community - united in a shared belief that shared digital infrastructure is critical to accelerating open science and driving innovation.

Our work currently comprises three interrelated core programs, centered around infrastructures that underpin the public sharing of research publications and data, in support of the implementation of regulatory calls like the Nelson Memo and the European Council conclusions. Our core programs are:

Data Room: Evidenced-based, actionable tools to support decisions makers looking to adopt, develop, and invest in open infrastructure

Strategic Support: Working with organizations to apply our research to increase the health and resilience of the knowledge ecosystem

Funding Pilots: Research-driven funding pilots to diversify the sources and mechanisms for funding open infrastructure and ensure a healthy, resilient, sustainable future for research and scholarship

We believe that advancing shared digital infrastructure and open science requires a collective effort from diverse groups of stakeholders, from infrastructure service providers to the broader research community. Across our core programmes and in participating in the Year of Open Science, we are excited to build and facilitate spaces where diverse stakeholders can have open conversations around the challenges and opportunities they see in creating a vibrant marketplace of infrastructure solutions and advancing a healthy research ecosystem.

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