About NASA Transform to Open Science#

What We Do#

The world is changing rapidly. Everyday new problems emerge and it takes groundbreaking scientific discoveries to solve them. To stay ahead, the pace of science must accelerate and science needs to be even better, more accurate, and faster to enable the truly transformative breakthroughs that will help us thrive. Closed science, hoarding information and resources, silos of knowledge holds science back by limiting who can participate. We need more voices that work together and share knowledge and resources. Only then will we find new and better solutions. NASA’s Transform to Open Science (TOPS) mission will allow us to create a scientific culture that is ready for 21st century challenges. Open Science will broaden participation, increase accessibility to knowledge, and embrace new technologies that can respond to these changes at scale. We hope you will join us in creating an open science infrastructure in your organization.

Strategic Objectives#

Open Science creates more advanced and inclusive research faster, builds a more just and equitable world, and ensures that minds from all walks of life can participate in science. TOPS is NASA’s ambitious plan to accelerate open science practices. It’s a 5-year journey that will

  1. Accelerate major scientific discoveries

  2. Broaden participation by historically excluded communities

  3. Increase understanding and adoption of open science principles and techniques

Learn More About Our Implementation Plan in the Following Areas#

  • Engagement: Building community, publishing articles, appearing on podcasts, expanding knowledge about open science, integrating Open Science into themes at large-scale events and conferences.

  • Capacity Sharing: Producing online, free, open science curriculum, hosting workshops, events, cohorts, science team meetings, hackathons, and constructing multiple pathways to an Open Science Badge.

  • Incentives: Developing Open Science Badge/Certification and establishing high profile awards in support of open science research.

  • Moving Towards Openness: Recognizing open science practices, holding open meetings, sharing hidden knowledge, and inclusive collaborations.

We hope you will join us and champion open science!