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Hardware configuration

The figure below indicates the configuration for interfacing a device running Icarous to an autopilot. This examples uses an arducopter autopilot. The arducopter autopilot can be configured to output data on one of its serial ports. The device running Icarous (this example shows a Jetson TX2) can be connected to the autopilot via its serial I/O ports as shown.

Software in the loop simulation

ICAROUS can also be run in a Software In The Loop (SITL) simulation. This requires connecting ICAROUS to the simulator. The arducopter SITL can be configured to ouptut data on a local socket. Thte arducopter interface app can in turn be configured to connect to this SITL over the socket.

Connecting ICAROUS to a GCS

The gsInterface app can be configured to connect to a GCS usin a telemtry radio via a serial or socket connection. Data packets sent to the GCS use the mavlink protocol. MAVProxy can be used as a GCS to interface with ICAROUS. The ICAROUS repository provides custom modules for MAVProxy to upload geofences, flight plans. Also simulate traffic intruders and visualize traffic avoidance data (kinematic track bands).