2023: A Year of Open Science!

On 11 January 2023 the US White House - joined by 10 federal agencies, a coalition of more than 85 universities, and other organizations — declared 2023 to be a Year of Open Science.

This year will celebrate the benefits and successes of open science and inspire more scientists to adopt open science. Ultimately, the success of the Year of Open Science will be driven by collaborations with individuals, teams, and organizations who are ready to transform the culture of science into one that celebrates openness, and inclusion!

A Year of Open Science has set out 4 goals to work towards:

  1. Establish strategic approaches for advancing open science
  2. Promote equitable participation in open science through transparency, integrity and equity of reviews.
  3. Account for open science activities in evaluations and incentives
  4. Engage underrepresented communities in the advancement of open science and research

Join Us!

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Participating organizations

For You

Are you just beginning your open science journey? Perhaps you have only just begun to post your code or data online, share your pre-prints, or share your null hypothesis as part of your grant application? Or perhaps you are exploring science communication on a personal blog. All of these behaviors exemplify open science and we would like for you to join us in the Year of Open Science!

If you are excited to learn and encourage others to learn about open science as part of the Year of Open Science, then we invite you to explore how to take Individual Actions for the Year of Open Science!

For Your Team

Is your team interested in adopting open science principles and practices, but unsure of how to begin? The Year of Open Science team activities could help you reflect together on how to equip the people at your organization with practical knowledge in open science, as well as introduce them to a wider community of open science practitioners.

Learn how to get your team involved in Team Actions for the Year of Open Science!

For Your Entire Organization

Is your organization is ready to devote people, funds, and other resources to adopting open science throughout the organization. If your leaders are committed to becoming known as an open science organization, and excited to facilitate open science research through its policy and actions, then we invite you to explore Organization Actions for the Year of Open Science!