Documentation is provided to support the use and development of Open MCT. It's recommended that before doing any development with Open MCT you take some time to familiarize yourself with the documentation below.

Open MCT provides functionality out of the box, but it's also a platform for building rich mission operations applications based on modern web technology. The platform is configured declaratively, and defines conventions for building on the provided capabilities by creating modular 'bundles' that extend the platform at a variety of extension points. The details of how to extend the platform are provided in the following documentation.

API Documentation

The Open MCT API provides the means to integrate Open MCT with your telemetry sources, and with time will include additional extension points for developers to add new categories of functionality to Open MCT.

  • The tutorials are the best place to start. The tutorials will take you through the process of integrating with a telemetry source and displaying data in Open MCT
  • The API documentation provides details on the classes and functions that can be used to extend Open MCT.
  • Finally, the Development Process document describes the Open MCT software development cycle.

User Guide

The Open MCT User's Guide provides comprehensive documentation on using Open MCT, covering all aspects of viewing and using data, navigating the application and composing and customizing views. It is recommended reading for both those using Open MCT and developing for it, as it covers important conceptual models and stylistic concepts inherit in our approach.