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Version: v9.0.0

Cumulus Documentation: How To's

Cumulus Docs Installation

Run a Local Server

Environment variables DOCSEARCH_API_KEY and DOCSEARCH_INDEX_NAME must be set for search to work. At the moment, search is only truly functional on prod because that is the only website we have registered to be indexed with DocSearch (see below on search).

git clone
cd cumulus
npm run docs-install
npm run docs-serve

Note: docs-build will build the documents into website/build.

Cumulus Documentation

Our project documentation is hosted on GitHub Pages. The resources published to this website are housed in docs/ directory at the top of the Cumulus repository. Those resources primarily consist of markdown files and images.

We use the open-source static website generator Docusaurus to build html files from our markdown documentation, add some organization and navigation, and provide some other niceties in the final website (search, easy templating, etc.).

Add a New Page and Sidebars

Adding a new page should be as simple as writing some documentation in markdown, placing it under the correct directory in the docs/ folder and adding some configuration values wrapped by --- at the top of the file. There are many files that already have this header which can be used as reference.

id: doc-unique-id # unique id for this document. This must be unique across ALL documentation under docs/
title: Title Of Doc # Whatever title you feel like adding. This will show up as the index to this page on the sidebar.
hide_title: false

Note: To have the new page show up in a sidebar the designated id must be added to a sidebar in the website/sidebars.js file. Docusaurus has an in depth explanation of sidebars here.

Versioning Docs

We lean heavily on Docusaurus for versioning. Their suggestions and walkthrough can be found here. It is worth noting that we would like the Documentation versions to match up directly with release versions. Cumulus versioning is explained in the Versioning Docs.

Search on our documentation site is taken care of by DocSearch. We have been provided with an apiKey and an indexName by DocSearch that we include in our website/siteConfig.js file. The rest, indexing and actual searching, we leave to DocSearch. Our builds expect environment variables for both these values to exist - DOCSEARCH_API_KEY and DOCSEARCH_NAME_INDEX.

Add a new task

The tasks list in docs/ is generated from the list of task package in the task folder. Do not edit the docs/ file directly.

Read more about adding a new task.

Editing the header or template

Look at the bin/build-tasks-doc.js and bin/ files to edit the output of the tasks build script.

Editing diagrams

For some diagrams included in the documentation, the raw source is included in the docs/assets/raw directory to allow for easy updating in the future:

  • assets/interfaces.svg -> assets/raw/interfaces.drawio (generated using


The master branch is automatically built and deployed to gh-pages branch. The gh-pages branch is served by Github Pages. Do not make edits to the gh-pages branch.