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Version: v9.0.0

Configure Cloudwatch Logs Delivery

As an optional configuration step, it is possible to deliver CloudWatch logs to a cross-account shared AWS::Logs::Destination. An operator does this by configuring the cumulus module for your deployment as shown below. The value of the log_destination_arn variable is the ARN of a writeable log destination.

The value can be either an AWS::Logs::Destination or a Kinesis Stream ARN to which your account can write.

log_destination_arn           = arn:aws:[kinesis|logs]:us-east-1:123456789012:[streamName|destination:logDestinationName]

Logs Sent

Be default, the following logs will be sent to the destination when one is given.

  • Ingest logs
  • Async Operation logs
  • Thin Egress App API Gateway logs (if configured)

Additional Logs

If additional logs are needed, you can configure additional_log_groups_to_elk with the Cloudwatch log groups you want to send to the destination. additional_log_groups_to_elk is a map with the key as a descriptor and the value with the Cloudwatch log group name.

additional_log_groups_to_elk = {
"HelloWorldTask" = "/aws/lambda/cumulus-example-HelloWorld"
"MyCustomTask" = "my-custom-task-log-group"