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Version: v13.4.0

Workflow Protocol

Configuration and Message Use Diagram‚Äč

A diagram showing at which point in a workflow the Cumulus message is checked for conformity with the message schema and where the configuration is checked for conformity with the configuration schema

  • Configuration - The Cumulus workflow configuration defines everything needed to describe an instance of Cumulus.
  • Scheduler - This starts ingest of a collection on configured intervals.
  • Input to Step Functions - The Scheduler uses the Configuration as source data to construct the input to the Workflow.
  • AWS Step Functions - Run the workflows as kicked off by the scheduler or other processes.
  • Input to Task - The input for each task is a JSON document that conforms to the message schema.
  • Output from Task - The output of each task must conform to the message schemas as well and is used as the input for the subsequent task.