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Version: v16.1.3

How to replay SQS messages archived in S3


Cumulus archives all incoming SQS messages to S3 and removes messages once they have been processed. Unprocessed messages are archived at the path: ${stackName}/archived-incoming-messages/${queueName}/${messageId}

Replay SQS messages endpoint

The Cumulus API has added a new endpoint, /replays/sqs. This endpoint will allow you to start a replay operation to requeue all archived SQS messages by queueName and returns an AsyncOperationId for operation status tracking.

Start replaying archived SQS messages

In order to start a replay, you must perform a POST request to the replays/sqs endpoint.

The required and optional fields that should be part of the body of this request are documented below.

queueNamestringAny valid SQS queue name (not ARN)

Status tracking

A successful response from the /replays/sqs endpoint will contain an asyncOperationId field. Use this ID with the /asyncOperations endpoint to track the status.