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Version: v16.1.3

About Cookbooks


The following data cookbooks are documents containing examples and explanations of workflows in the Cumulus framework. Additionally, the following data cookbooks should serve to help unify an institution/user group on a set of terms.


The data cookbooks assume you can configure providers, collections, and rules to run workflows. Visit Cumulus data management types for information on how to configure Cumulus data management types.

Adding a page

As shown in detail in the "Add a New Page and Sidebars" section in Cumulus Docs: How To's, you can add a new page to the data cookbook by creating a markdown (.md) file in the docs/data-cookbooks directory. The new page can then be linked to the sidebar by adding it to the Data-Cookbooks object in the website/sidebar.json file as data-cookbooks/${id}.

More about workflows

Workflow general information

Input & Output

Developing Workflow Tasks

Workflow Configuration How-to's