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Version: v15.0.2

Developing Workflow Tasks

Workflow tasks can be either AWS Lambda Functions or ECS Activities.

Lambda functions

The full set of available core Lambda functions can be found in the deployed cumulus module zipfile at /tasks, as well as reference documentation here. These Lambdas can be referenced in workflows via the outputs from that module (see the cumulus-template-deploy repo for an example).

The tasks source is located in the Cumulus repository at cumulus/tasks.

You can also develop your own Lambda function. See the Lambda Functions page to learn more.

ECS Activities

ECS activities are supported via the cumulus_ecs_module available from the Cumulus release page.

Please read the module README for configuration details.

For assistance in creating a task definition within the module read the AWS Task Definition Docs.

For a step-by-step example of using the cumulus_ecs_module, please see the related cookbook entry.

Cumulus Docker Image

ECS activities require a docker image. Cumulus provides a docker image (source for node 12x+ lambdas on dockerhub: cumuluss/cumulus-ecs-task.

Alternate Docker Images

Custom docker images/runtimes are supported as are private registries. For details on configuring a private registry/image see the AWS documentation on Private Registry Authentication for Tasks.