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Version: v12.0.0

Workflow - Add New Lambda

You can develop a workflow task in AWS Lambda or Elastic Container Service (ECS). AWS ECS requires Docker. For a list of tasks to use go to our Cumulus Tasks page.

The following steps are to help you along as you write a new Lambda that integrates with a Cumulus workflow. This will aid you with the understanding of the Cumulus Message Adapter (CMA) process.


  1. Define New Lambda in Terraform

  2. Add Task in JSON Object

    For details on how to set up a workflow via CMA go to the CMA Tasks: Message Flow.

    You will need to assign input and output for the new task and follow the CMA contract here. This contract defines how libraries should call the cumulus-message-adapter to integrate a task into an existing Cumulus Workflow.

  3. Verify New Task

    Check the updated workflow in AWS and in Cumulus.