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Version: v11.1.0

Cumulus Tasks

A list of reusable Cumulus tasks. Add your own.



Add checksums to files in S3 which don't have one


Discover Granules in FTP/HTTP/HTTPS/SFTP/S3 endpoints


Discover PDRs in FTP and HTTP endpoints


Converts array-of-files input into a granules object by extracting granuleId from filename


Example task


Update granule metadata with hooks to OPeNDAP URL


Run LZARDS backup


Move granule files from staging to final location


Download and Parse a given PDR


Checks execution status of granules in a PDR


Post a given granule to CMR


Add discovered granules to the queue


Add discovered PDRs to a queue


Add workflow to the queue


Sends an incoming Cumulus message to SQS


Download a given granule


Fake processing task used for integration tests


Updates CMR metadata to set access constraints

Update CMR metadata files with correct online access urls and etags and transfer etag info to granules' CMR files