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Version: v11.0.0

Ancillary Metadata Export

This feature utilizes the type key on a files object in a Cumulus granule. It uses the key to provide a mechanism where granule discovery, processing and other tasks can set and use this value to facilitate metadata export to CMR.

Tasks setting type

Discover Granules

Uses the Collection type key to set the value for files on discovered granules in it's output.

Parse PDR

Uses a task-specific mapping to map PDR 'FILE_TYPE' to a CNM type to set type on granules from the PDR.


Natively supports types that are included in incoming messages to a CNM Workflow.

Tasks using type

Move Granules

Uses the granule file type key to update UMM/ECHO 10 CMR files passed in as candidates to the task. This task adds the external facing URLs to the CMR metadata file based on the type. See the file tracking data cookbook for a detailed mapping. If a non-CNM type is specified, the task assumes it is a 'data' file.