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Version: v11.0.0

Creating an S3 Bucket

Buckets can be created on the command line with AWS CLI or via the web interface on the AWS console.

When creating a protected bucket (a bucket containing data which will be served through the distribution API), make sure to enable S3 server access logging. See S3 Server Access Logging for more details.

Command line

Using the AWS command line tool create-bucket s3api subcommand:

$ aws s3api create-bucket \
--bucket foobar-internal \
--region us-west-2 \
--create-bucket-configuration LocationConstraint=us-west-2
"Location": "/foobar-internal"

Note: The region and create-bucket-configuration arguments are only necessary if you are creating a bucket outside of the us-east-1 region.

Please note security settings and other bucket options can be set via the options listed in the s3api documentation.

Repeat the above step for each bucket to be created.

Web interface

See: AWS "Creating a Bucket" documentation