NASA Astrobee Robot Software  0.16.7
Flight software for the Astrobee robot operating inside the International Space Station.
imu_integration::ImuFilterParams Struct Reference

#include <imu_filter_params.h>

Public Attributes

std::string quiet_accel = "none"
std::string quiet_ang_vel = "none"
std::string nominal_accel = "none"
std::string nominal_ang_vel = "none"
std::string aggressive_accel = "none"
std::string aggressive_ang_vel = "none"

Member Data Documentation

◆ aggressive_accel

std::string imu_integration::ImuFilterParams::aggressive_accel = "none"

◆ aggressive_ang_vel

std::string imu_integration::ImuFilterParams::aggressive_ang_vel = "none"

◆ nominal_accel

std::string imu_integration::ImuFilterParams::nominal_accel = "none"

◆ nominal_ang_vel

std::string imu_integration::ImuFilterParams::nominal_ang_vel = "none"

◆ quiet_accel

std::string imu_integration::ImuFilterParams::quiet_accel = "none"

◆ quiet_ang_vel

std::string imu_integration::ImuFilterParams::quiet_ang_vel = "none"

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