NASA Astrobee Robot Software  0.16.6
Flight software for the Astrobee robot operating inside the International Space Station.

Quick start using the Astrobee Docker image

The following has been tested on native (non-VM) Ubuntu systems using X11 (the default). Please see these ROS pages for more resources.

If you just want to try out the astrobee simulator, you can use one of the Docker images in the Github Container Registry.

Make sure you have Docker installed in your Ubuntu system following the installation instructions and post-installation steps for Linux.

For some systems (with discrete graphics cards), you may need to install additional software.

git clone
cd astrobee
./scripts/docker/ --remote

Building the code natively

There are different ways to build and test the code.

Non-NASA users

If you are a non-NASA user the preferred supported method is to use Ubuntu 16 and ROS kinetic. Ubuntu 18 and ROS melodic instructions are included, but not officially supported. This method does not require VPN access.

Install for general users

NASA users

If you are a NASA user and want to install the cross-compiler for robot testing follow these instructions:

Install for NASA users

Using Docker

Docker builds are available for Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 and 20.04.

Instructions on how to build the images natively and run the containers are in:

Docker build