Year of Open Science Conference Participation#

With the White House declaring 2023 as the Year of Open Science, the NASA Transform to Open Science (TOPS) team will be participating in conferences across the nation (and internationally) to encourage the wider scientific community to join us in promoting, strengthening, and engaging with open science.

Proposals for TOPS attendance at open science conferences can be submitted, tailored to your organizational and audience needs. Our engagement opportunities offer a range of options, including open science-themed collateral, NASA TOPS Booths, and Workshops. While we cannot guarantee acceptance, we welcome your proposals for consideration.


Town Hall


Open Science Workshops

Plenary or Keynote

Student/ECR Conference

Open Science Theme

Three Easy Steps To Get Started

  1. Check out the TOPS conferences calendar to see where we already plan to be in 2023,

  2. Sign up for the TOPS email list to receive our announcements about additions or changes to that list, and

  3. Use this contact form to set up a meeting to discuss needs and outcomes.

Have a novel idea for how to bring TOPS to your next event? Contact us!