Citations and Further Reading#

Thank you for attending a Transform to Open Science workshop on the Ethos of Open Science! We are glad to have been able to share the first module of our Open Science 101 Certification with you, and hope to see you in workshops or virtual forums for the remaining modules on open data, open-source software, open results, and open tools for conducting open science as soon as they become available.

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This page contains links to all research, case studies, and scenarios posed during the workshop. Resources are grouped by topic, and loosely follow the presentation order of the workshop.

Workshop Introduction#

What is Open Science?#

The definition of open science used by TOPS is from and is: “Open Science is the principle and practice of making research products and processes available to all, while respecting diverse cultures, maintaining security and privacy, and fostering collaborations, reproducibility, and equity.” Learn more about how NASA defines open science on our website.

Open Science graphics that TOPS uses in the Ethos of Open Science workshop include “Towards an Open Science” from UNESCO and the “Open Science Skills Visualisation” from the Digital Skills for Library Staff and Researchers (LIBER) Working Group.

Stories of Open Science Successes and Barriers#

The following open science stories were shared during the TOPS Ethos of Open Science Workshop:

Cited Studies#

A (short) collection of articles and research papers on how open science benefits individual researchers:

Image Credits#

You can find TOPS’ “open science wheel” on our graphic and images page.

Image Credit for NASA Science Mission Photography: Worldview.earthdata

Get started with Open Science!#

TOPS has a guide for Getting Started with Open Science which has step-by-step guides for acquiring each of the Core Open Science Skills which will be the learning outcomes from the full, TOPS Open Science Certification.

Useful links for tools and resources:

Looking for more resources? TOPS has examples of these open science skills in action in Section 3 of the Open Science Guide.

TOPS Open Science Reading List#

Interested in learning more? Have more open science reading to suggest? Check out our Open Science Reading List!

Thank you open science SMEs!#

We would like to thank the following open science subject matter experts (SMEs) for their leadership and contribution to workshop materials:

Ethos of Open Science

Open Data

Open Software

Open Tools

Open Results


Yo Yehudi

Sara El-Gebali

James Powell, Cameron Riddell

Shilaan Alzahawi

Natasha Batalha

Amber Osman

Yuhan Rao

Johanna Bayer

Flavio Azevedo

Daniela Saderi

Miguel Silan

Jannatul Ferdush

Ana Vaz

Rebecca Ringuette

Malvika Sharan

Ismael Kherroubi Garcia

Siobhan Mackenzie Hall

Sierra Kaufman

Elli Papadopoulou

Michel Lacerda

Tomoko Bell

Hugh Shanahan

Taher Chegini

Saranjeet Kaur Bhogal

Daniel Dunleavy

Shamsuddeen Muhammad

Andrea Medina-Smith

Yeo Keat Ee

Tyson Swetnam

Anne Fouilloux

Stephen Klusza

Esther Plomp

Babatunde Onabajo

Batool Almarzouq

Reina Camacho Toro

Mariana Meireles

Pauline Karega

Melissa Black

Elio Campitelli

Link to SME bios!.

Thank you TOPS team and community members!#

The TOPS community has helped to curate these resources throughout our mission. Thank you for your enthusiasm and expertise!