Other Documentation


The OCO-2 algorithm theoretical document describes the algorithms in the RT Retrieval Framework used to retrieve the column-averaged CO2 dry air mole fraction XCO2 and other quantities included in the Level 2 (L2) Product from the spectra collected by the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2). It identifies sources of input data, describes the physical theory and mathematical background underlying the use of this information in the retrievals; includes implementation details; and summarizes the assumptions and limitations of the adopted approach.


Doxygen documentation can be created from the build directory:

$ make doxygen-run

The resulting documentation will be available in the doc/html subdirectory.


Sphinx Python documentation can be built along with the Python bindings:

$ /path/to/rtr_framework/configure --with-python-swig --with-documentation
$ make install

The --with-documentation creates the Sphinx files along with the code compilation. The resulting files will be in the install/share/doc/full_physics/html subdirectories.