NASA's Public GitHub Organization


This organization is intended to publically host NASA code that has been SRA-approved for open source.


Only NASA staff can release code in org.


For information how how to become a member of the NASA Org (you need to be a NASA civil servant or contractor with access to systems inside the NASA firewall), please see the instructions on Additionally, see "Request Process" below.

Instructions for NASA Org on Once You Are a Member


We do not give out admin rights on any NASA Github repos. If you want a new repo created or want to edit settings on an existing repo that require admin access, please contact one of our org owners


Teams are effective ways of managing repository access privilegs for an entire group of users. Only org owners can create and remove teams, but we now allow users to be team maintainers. Team maintainers have permissions to add and remove users to their teams.

Note: Team maintainers are technically able to add a user who was once in the org back onto their team (thus reinstating the user in the org). However, we do not allow this and will remove maintainers who are found in violation. If you need a past member to be reinstated in the org, contact an org owner and request to be added as an outside collaborator.

Outside Collaborators

On a case-by-case basis we will allow non-NASA users to be added to the org as Outside Collaborators.


We currently have two active owners in the org:

Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Request Process

Need:If you need to be added to the NASA org on

Process:Create a personal github account and then request to be added as a Github Collaborator via a new or modified NAMs request. Please include your github id in the request.

Need:If you need to add a new open-sourced repository to that has already been approved via the software release authority process.

Process: Make or modify a request to start a new repository in via the NAMs request. Please give it a useful name and good documentation! We'll create a blank repository for you to put the code into.

Need:If you need to create a new team for managing who has access to make changes on a particular repository or group of repositories.

Process:Modify your NAMs request to request the team creation or email the two owners above. Give team name and which repositories team members should be given access to.

Need:If you need to add a new member to an already established team.

Process: Send an email to the Team owner, modify your NAMs request, or email the Github Owners in that order of preference.

Related Sites

Please make sure any repos added here are also tracked in! Placing open-sourced code on is a congressional mandate. Additionally, all code projects on will get harvested into, which improves discoverability for the public and enables federal government wide tracking of open-sourced code.


In addition to the emails listed above, you may leave an issue on this repository. We will use those questions & answers to eventualy make a FAQ section on this page.